Continued professional development is a concept that has its origins among professionals such as accountants and lawyers, but which has found applicability throughout business. Organisations have recognised the need for executives and staff to continuously maintain and raise their levels of competence through continued training and development. Furthermore, the pace of regulation demands that executives and staff alike become immediately familiar with these changes, which are often fundamental to the running of successful businesses.

ORCA advises and assists clients to practise effective corporate governance, and assesses existing governance structures and processes. Our services in this regard cover Boards of directors, directors’ roles and responsibilities, Board committees, integrated reporting, corporate responsibility and sustainability practices.

Our service offerings include reviewing and advising on the following:

  • The new Companies Act
  • King III maturity assessments
  • The Public Finance Management Act, including the Treasury Regulations
  • The Municipal Finance Management Act
  • Education and workshops on Corporate Governance
  • IT Governance consulting and training
  • Consulting on IT architecture formulation (systems, hardware and software)
  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Risk assessments
  • Corporate governance
  • Ethics and business conduct
  • Sustainability and Integrated Reporting

Our experienced trainers will perform an analysis on potential clients to develop a comprehensive training strategy and plan for their specific needs. We will ensure that staff members receive the necessary training to perform their tasks competently, and to meet the requirements of labour legislation in South Africa.