Sadly, corruption and organised crime have become facts of life worldwide and cannot be ignored in the corporate governance strategy of any size of South African organisation today. In an increasingly technological and online world, such crime often cannot be easily detected by traditional methods of audit. However, the saying that “every criminal makes a mistake” remains true, and forensic audit expertise is up to the challenge of identifying both high-tech and low-tech fraud, as well as uncovering areas of potential fraud before the event. Businesses must implement antifraud programmes to protect themselves from financial, legal and reputational harm.

Would you like to know how many of your employees are currently engaged in business activities at odds with yours, siphoning off your time and resources for their own benefit? We will help review and independently conduct the necessary investigations. A firm’s in-house forensic auditors may be reluctant to engage Management and ask the tough questions due to fear of victimisation and subsequent threats to their careers.

Forensics provides a broad range of specialist services, including: development and roll-out of fraud prevention plans, fraud and corruption investigations, internet fraud investigations, personnel background checks, fraud awareness education, data interrogation and mining, fraud and corruption prevention management, and police and litigation support.

Our multidisciplinary team accesses specialists that include chartered accountants, advocates, attorneys, investigators and intelligence analysts, as well as a network of specialists such as technology experts, handwriting analysts, psychologists, polygraphers and security experts.

We can also conduct Ethics Surveys to determine the ethical climate at your organisation.

How can we help you?

We first gain an understanding of the specific facts of each case and its underlying form before determining the best approach. We also analyse the strengths of your organisation. To these facts, we then bring to bear our collective multidisciplinary expertise, as well as the larger business community to help support our client’s position in a case. Finally, whether in the form of a written report or live testimony in court, we are able to articulate our findings in an organised and persuasive manner to achieve an effective outcome for the client.

ORCA’s tools and methodologies for investigating fraud and corruption are at the cutting-edge of developments in forensic investigations. We are therefore able to provide assistance in areas of procurement irregularities, corruption, fraud, theft, conflicts of interest and money laundering.  We bring the latest in data analytics databases for clients, enabling the identification of potential irregularities in your procurement and finances divisions.