IT Audits

What is Information Technology Auditing?

IT governance is the responsibility of executives and the board of directors, and consists of the leadership, organisational structures and processes that ensure that the enterprise’s IT sustains and extends the organisation’s strategies and objectives. [Source: IT Governance Institute] As computer technology has advanced, all organisations have become increasingly dependent on computerised information systems to…

Risk Management

What is Risk Management?

A meaningful understanding of risks and an effective risk management strategy are essential to navigating the challenges and surprises of today’s business environment, providing critical intelligence to executive decision makers. Risk management can help solve, reduce or avoid the problems your business faces and will face in the future, by ensuring proper and effective controls…


What is Internal Auditing?

Internal Auditing is one of the most important tools in a large enterprise’s toolbox for making decisions. Only by stakeholders and decision-makers obtaining a clear and accurate picture of the operation and performance of the enterprise at all levels, can effective and relevant management decisions be made. Is your business living up to your vision…