At ORCA, we have experienced assessors and reviewers to offer clients – in the private, public and non-profit sectors alike – a comprehensive corporate governance review against the King III Report on Corporate Governance or any other specific Corporate Governance requirement.

Whilst most organisations have been quick to respond to the requirements of King III which focused on the broader corporate governance framework, our experience has identified a key weakness in the misalignment of the corporate governance framework to the broader business governance framework.

For instance, we believe true independence within an audit committee is vital to effective corporate governance. It can be a critical ingredient in the performance of quality reporting and controls, as well as in the proper identification and management of risks.

There are many such triggers that identify whether an organisation requires our services. When engaging with us, clients will gain an opinion on the adequacy and effectiveness of their corporate governance practices, as well as suggestions for improvement where weaknesses have been identified. We utilise a customised Corporate Governance Assessment tool-kit to measure the extent of the organisation’s compliance with King III. We have access to corporate governance global best practices against which to benchmark the organisation’s current governance practices.