Experience the ORCA Difference

Experience the ORCA Difference for yourself by putting our commitment to excellence to the test. We have an absolute passion for quality service, tailored to your needs and delivered timeously. ORCA is not just a business like any other. We take pride in the work that we do, and are resolutely dedicated to delivering unwavering integrity and excellence in all aspects of our modus operandi.

Our client relationships are of paramount importance. We want to know what our clients expect from us – not only as professionals, but also as people. Communication with clients at all levels is an essential part of our service to them and their business. In order to fully satisfy our clients’ requirements, we take the time to develop an understanding of each business: plans and goals, how the business works and its rating, and competitive position in its particular industry or sector. By understanding our clients’ overall business objectives, we are able to anticipate the risks and their implications and develop tailored solutions. Clients should consider us a part of their team.

We are able to use our well-developed networks and resource base to our clients’ advantage. In order to ensure that clients have access to a number of professional advisors in our firm, a strong culture of teamwork and collaboration exists and is constantly encouraged. There is always someone available at ORCA to help clients, and specialised work is not concentrated in the hands of one or two experts. Clients are thus guaranteed the necessary on-going support. Our staff consists of skilled and experienced professionals, committed to adding value to your organisation.

To develop and provide innovative, knowledge-based internal audit, IT audit, forensics, corporate governance and risk management solutions and services through high quality partnerships to ensure that sound internal audit controls are in place to support sustainable wealth creation and empowerment for all our stakeholders.

Our Vision

  • To be the preferred provider of globally competitive knowledge-based internal audit, corporate governance, forensic, IT audit and risk management solutions and services that provide the security of an effective internal control environment, and contribute towards the creation of wealth and a soundly governed African market-place.
  • To remain on the cutting edge of technology in order to constantly enhance quality service delivery to all stakeholders.
  • To build long-lasting relationships with all stakeholders in order to develop intellectual capital.
  • To create awareness and sensitise corporate South Africa and leading international multinationals to the challenges of attracting and retaining high-calibre people.
  • To uphold the rights, dignity and respect of our stakeholders and staff.
  • To create a culture of giving and generosity, and establish a strong work ethic and integrity.
  • To dispel the myths and prove that cultural diversity can be acknowledged and employment equity achieved in South Africa as well as globally.
  • Fundamental to our underlying philosophy, to remain constantly alert, flexible and responsive to the needs of our customers and to live by the credo that the customer is king”.


Our Value Proposition

We care for our clients. The engagement director will contribute and take personal responsibility for our services to you.

We are geared to providing one-stop service solutions of consistent high quality to our clients.

The specialisation and experience of our directors enable us to provide advice promptly to our clients and to respond proactively to changes in statutory and auditing requirements.

Our composition of directors of South African origin enables us to provide holistic, innovative and relevant business solutions that take into account the distinct market forces and constraints that come into play within the region.

We deliver value for money to our clients by placing emphasis on understanding their business and control environment, and providing practical recommendations on improving business processes and strengthening the control environment.

Our risk-based approach to strategy and the latest thinking thereon ensures efforts are directed to high-risk areas enabling costs to be kept to a minimum.

Our staff training and development programmes ensure that practical training is geared towards specific industry and client needs.

We keep our clients updated on changes in the business and regulatory environment through client seminars, newsletters and technical bulletins.

We are driven by a common vision of providing high quality service with an uncompromising attention to detail and an exceptional level of personal service, to enable our clients to have a clear, confident vision of the future.

We employ many of the finest people in the sector and our approach is tailored to each of our clients to take account of the culture, environment, legal requirements and governance arrangements in which they operate.

We work harder to ensure your satisfaction and to provide you with the level of support, expertise and service that we expect ourselves.

Our affiliations enables our clients to gain access to a network of operations in all nine provinces in South Africa and in more than 125 countries, ensuring the very latest in strategy, forensics, corporate governance, internal audit, risk management and business expertise.

Outsourced Risk and Compliance Assessment (Pty) Ltd (ORCA) was established in 2000 to make a mark on the South African economy through the provision of innovative solutions and services in governance, risk management and controls that enhance and protect stakeholder value in the private, public and non-profit sectors alike.

ORCA is strongly committed to the success and economic growth of South Africa. We are a whollyowned South African business and a significant majority of our shareholding is held by previously disadvantaged individuals.

In our still fledgling democracy, we recognise the need for greater corporate governance before a significant improvement in our overall living standards, or the charting of a new growth path for South Africa, can be attained. Achieving this goal poses enormous challenges to those who are tasked with this objective, including risk management, corporate governance training and development, effective IT operations, internal audit outsourcing and co-sourcing job creation – core areas that ORCA specialises in.

With our Mission and Values firmly grounded in these goals, ORCA has become an active and recognised player in our core field of corporate governance among industries rooted in South Africa’s mainstream economy. Our clients come in all shapes and sizes from the private and public sectors, including leading corporates and government, as well as non-profit organisations.

While each client has varying needs, we pride ourselves in taking time to really get to know our clients and their businesses. Understanding what makes them tick, ensures a solution tailored specifically to their unique needs.

Our reputation, entire business model and values have been built on a simple yet effective concept: it’s called top-class professional service, the essential cornerstone on which our firm was established. Indeed, our founding principles and vision set the scene early on for an ethic we today call the ORCA Difference, espousing qualities our customers have come to trust.

Through this ORCA Difference, we endeavour to become the best service provider within eight core areas:

  • Risk advisory
  • Internal audit
  • Corporate governance, including King III compliance, Board and committee assessments
  • Information Technology audits
  • Forensic investigation and litigation support
  • Performance audits
  • Skills training in terms of the new Companies Act, Public Finance Management Act, Municipal Finance Management Act, National Treasury Guidelines, Supply Chain Management, Strategy, Audit Committees, Risk and Governance
  • Support in compiling best practice Policies and Procedures Manuals and Tool-kits.

As to the quality of our people, we pride ourselves on always being open to new ideas.